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Hi, my name is Adrian Jung {aka bluecon}. I’m a Linux Technician with skills in network and system administration, application development and leadership. I enjoy connecting people with technology solutions that are easy to use, affordable, and sustainable over time. My current focus is information security. Mostly i am the person you call when your Linux server is down, hacked, broken, and needs fixing. I can fix anything from broken apache/nginx configs, to writing complex shell scripts to automate tedious time consuming tasks. I can diagnose and find exploits, fix code, repair databases, or anything else you need. If i do not have the knowledge, i can find it, i am competent at reading technical documentation and bug fixing, so can usually learn how things work quickly, and fix/install/debug fast, even if i have never seen or used a particular software.



nickname: bluecon (since 1994)

--admin network & systems

Extensive experience with the configuration, hardening and maintenance of various operation systems like:

* Microsoft MS-DOS
* Windows since 3.0 up to Windows 11 / Server 2019
* RHEL/Fedora, CentOS, Debian, openSuSE + Ubuntu
* SunOS 5.8/9 (Solaris)
* Apple Mac OS X 8-11.x



* Certified Drone Pilot - Germany/US
* EC-Council Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) v8
* EC-Council ECSA v9
* Information Security Officer - ISO (TüV)
* ISC² Certified Information System Security Professional
* IT Infrastructure Library v3 Foundation (ITIL 2011)
* IT Specialist Specialist
* IT Specialist (Fachinformatiker Systemintegration)
* Linux Professional Certification - Level 1
* Linux Professional Certification - Level 2
* MCPS Microsoft Certified Professional
* MCSA Windows Server 2012
* MCSE Cloud Platform and Infrastructure
* Novell Certified Linux Administrator - CLA 11
* Novell DC Tech Spec
* SUSE 11 Tech Spec


Published articles:

xx, xx


* blog (bluecons weblog)
* bulletin board (currently offline)
* server statistics
* projects
* ip information


father, troubleshooter, educator, team leader, photographer / film-maker and drone pilot.


* All the time…

- Team Leader
- Linux & Windows Systems Admin
- Networking & Security Admin
- Troubleshooter


* Phone: +49.4321.5399096
* Mail: bluecon { at } web { dot } de
* Jabber ID: bluecon { at } bluecon { dot } org
* PGP: bluecon.asc | Keybase Profile
* Threema ID: NXPS6UUY
* Social Networks: Twitter | YouTube | Instagram | LinkedIn | Xing
* IRC: irc/

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